Elijah sings in japanese

My Beautiful son Elijah Jr

was born with Autism.The doctors said he would probably not speak.He doesn't eat food.Elijah has brought me the most joy in my life. We started watching anime with English subtitles since before he was born. I never expected him to still remember them after he was born, but he did. He loves One Piece it is a anime that i also love. His photographic memory let him remember all of the songs in Japanese. It brought tears in my eyes to hear him sing "We Are" in Japanese. Long story short, He asked me for the boat in the cartoon. It is called thousand sunny. They do not sell the toy in US. We got him a model of it that was in Japanese. It took me 3 months to put it together. He loves the toy so much. Now he asked to go to the theme park (thanks YouTube).The park is in Japan. It will cost us $6000 to get there and back. Problem is me and my son are on disability with fixed incomes. Sad truth is i can NEVER get him there. Please help us I don't have the heart to tell him it can't be done.I can't explain the excitement on his face when he talks about ONE PIECE.
I have to get him there no matter how long it takes
.When he asked me for this trip I told him we cannot afford that.He said "It's ok you go and get the money" Like it is that easy. lol I told him O.K. He thinks it is going to happen. I don't want to let him down. When I lost my daughter, they said I could never afford to take my daughter to Disney World, but the foster mom did it twice. I lost custody to money not parenting. I WILL GET MY SON TO JAPAN. I HAVE NO CHOICE. PLEASE SHARE THIS AND HELP ME OUT. MY SON IS A PURE SPIRIT THAT DOESN'T UNDERSTAND MONEY, That's why I will with you guys..https://www.gofundme.com/elijahs-austastic